Jux reaches 3.1.x

One of the hacks I made in trying to get Jux 3.0 up and running quickly on the new server has been reversed. The Members page may not look upgraded, and indeed what you see is the exact same other than a slight change to the URL, but the backend that creates it is much upgraded. We were cheating using invisible posts to a segregated category. Not anymore.

This is all thanks to my expanding PHP skills, which I never had a chance to play with before we moved Jux to WordPress. Travis and Peter helped out a bunch with MySQL query formats and general information. It’s weird to be using a real language for the first time (HTML and CSS don’t count).

Speaking of my old fake language days, though, while backing up some files this week I found this old image of my own personal mIRC script editor:

SilverEdit Dialog

Quick code automatically created stuff like While and For loops for you (mIRC only had goto loops at that point), plus you could create your own macros for repeated actions. Unfortunately I no longer have my collection of these presets. But you can see the rest of the program’s features from the screenshot; it was pretty straight forward. The loaded scripts list looks like I loaded Peace & Protection just to show off how well it handled large numbers of loaded files when this was taken, or something. Those definitely look like P&P’s files, but I never used the script, just tested it for pai, so I can’t think of any other reason they’d be there.

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