Any number of things.

First, Travis came home Friday night to a used condom placed over his doorknob. I’ve refrained from posting for days, waiting for him to post about this, but despite mentioning it on Ars he has yet to say anything here, so now I will. A used condom! What the fuck? In true Travis fashion he has already placed a security camera outside his apartment door. Assuming that one incident really does equal someone preparing to launch a full invasion of his outer premises, this should protect him against anyone other than the KKK.

Now then, on to other things. Vivian and I are fostering a dog. First we were fostering, for all of 24 hours, a big hound dog that Vivian just couldn’t handle. It was too big for her to walk.


So we went to the shelter and “swapped” and got Clover. Clover is like a really big version of Pugsley, only better trained. She’s one hundred percent house-broken, extremely well leash trained, and does…pretty much nothing. This is her at 80% of top speed. She’s a wonderful dog. We have to decide by Saturday is she’s “our dog” or not; currently we’re unsure. Again, she’s wonderful, but she’s also…well, what you see is what we’ve got.


Don’t let the face fool you. She’s fat, so she’s on diet food, but she hates it, so she hasn’t eaten anything since coming to our place. That’s one way to crash diet.

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