Old Photos

Yesterday I went through one of my photo folders, this one from September through December 2001, and for the first time ever scanned a bunch of photos. This is what resulted. Let’s look at the snapshot of my life from just before Jux began.

My first car, a 1994 Pontiac Grand Am GT V6.

Samantha ready for her Sophomore homecoming in 2001. I was her ride, not her date.

If you look really carefully at the wall behind her, you can see one of my ex-girlfriends (who isn’t otherwise on this page).

Going to a System of a Down concert, wearing one of my shirts.

A photo from the last time I ever hung out with April Yamarino, who has been at least vaguely mentioned on this site.

The first picture I have, anywhere, of Laurie.


Appearing in picture form for the first time ever on Jux, the (in)famous Rebecca Traylor.

The last picture I ever took of Rebecca. I thought it was unintentionally poetic; the film messed up and made it look like she was fading out into the background. Which, as we know, is more or less what happened.

The stuff I got for Christmas in 2001.

Heather Free, a girl three years my junior who hung out with us in high school. Not seen her in a long time.

Heather, joined by Marie Lovelace, another girl I’ve not seen in a long time.

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