Creative Commons'd

As of today Jux is changing its license terms. I know, I know, you’re all very excited. Previously we were technically under an “all rights reserved” system. From now on all content on Jux will be offered under a Creative Commons 3.0 “BY-NC-ND” license, the terms of which you can read by following that link.

For various reasons content older than today will not be offered under this license, and as such, all of our Creative Commons link buttons on pages actually link to here rather than straight to the license. All content older than April 26, 2007 remains all rights reserved unless I can get in touch with Kenny and get his approval. Without his approval, I cannot put his content under the CC license.

This does not mean, necessarily, that all content on Jux from this point forward will be under this license either. Some features will continue to be all rights reserved; these features will be clearly marked by a disclaimer at the bottom of the content, however.

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