Interesting statistics

Looking at my brand new “libpurple” log directory upload through my backup program I started to wonder just how much text had been generated since I started logging every IM conversation. Naturally a few of these have slipped through the cracks (my logs at work for instance, and most importantly everything I said in World of Warcraft ever. My Adium logs were last copied to my main PC last week, so they are reasonably current. I’m excluding all of my iChats specifically because they are formatted differently and were rarely used anyway.) but after tallying up the vast majority of all textual communication to run through my computer, I have some interesting stats. All of these other than those that specifically state they are IRC logs ignore IRC logs, including query windows, which I am trying very hard not to use anyway.


  • Travis: 6,211,254 bytes of text.
  • #jux (January 3, 2007 – Present): 6,208,729 bytes of text.
  • Kenny: 3,564,154 bytes of text.
  • #juxentente (June 16th, 2004 – August 18th, 2004): 577,448 bytes of text.
  • Peter: 225,502 bytes of text.

I can’t help but wonder how different things would look with WoW party/guild chat logs, even though I only played that game for 6 months.

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