Spring Semester 2007: The Aftermath

This is a photography feature detailing the destruction of my desk during the writing of my seminar papers this semester. The wreckage is quite impressive. None of this was present at the beginning of January 2007.

Right Desk Half
The right half of my desk, showing several piles of books and printed out journal materials from JSTOR and such.

Right Half Close Up
A closer shot. You can see some of the books and start to appreciate the size of the stack of papers.

After moving a pile of books slightly, you can see size of the stack of paper contained in that binder.

It lurks
More journal articles, and a hidden book, lurk.

Left Half of Desk
The left half of the desk, showing another book and a small pile of peer-reviewed papers.

Top of Computer
The top of the computer finally reveals the full extent of the carnage.

Top of Computer, Different Angle
A different angle on the top of the computer.

Expansion Zone
Additional writing implements, plus another large stack of peer reviewed copies of my papers, occupy the credenza expansion zone.

The Full Horror
The full horror.

This is where the Idea of Leisure and Activities of the People were written, and what was used to write them…excepting PDF articles, of course.

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