Err…yes, my bad.

Two messages down you see a picture of Kenny hanging out with us playing kickball. This means that the saga of his absence is over. I have no idea when he’ll post something here again, or if he ever will, but he’s been hanging out and talking with us for over a month now. I’d been deliberately skirting around mentioning it here, waiting for Kenny to reveal it himself in some sort of “sup bitches!” post, but it’s too late for that now.

Really astute Jux readers should have noticed subtle things pointing to this outcome by now, such as:

  1. Changing his title on the forum. Kenny was quietly restored to “Totally Hat”, although you wouldn’t notice unless you were reading posts from over a year ago.
  2. Changing the topic of the forum.
  3. Changing his title on the Members page from Hyper Biscuit to Jux Core; this is done automatically by our content management system based on backend access permissions.
  4. Messages from him appearing on
  5. Telepathy.

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