I own a CD again.

Yesterday Vivian gave me a CD. It was Year Zero, the new Nine Inch Nails album that I had been itching for since it came out, but not able to justify the expense. I wanted it so much I bought the single of Survivalism off of iTunes (with a giftcard I got for Christmas).

When I was looking at it in my hands I realized something. The last physical album I remember buying (or receiving) was With Teeth back in 2005. I told Vivian I had to get this one because I couldn’t justify, in any way, certain dubiously legal methods of acquiring Trent Reznor’s music, because he actually gets it. He releases all of his music in GarageBand format for Christ’s sake. If I wanted to I could just compile the real versions of the song from those files. Even though my RIAA boycott continues, I will always support Trent Reznor, because he actually treats his fans like people. Some of my other favorite bands make overtones in this direction, and some smaller bands I love just give their music away period, but watching someone with this much influence do it is just awesome.

Also, “Capital G” is an awesome song.

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