Good times!

The best part of writing Juxalog is that I get to annoy people with quoting conversations that my random test searches turn up. Stuff like this:

Conversation with kelleybean118 at 2005-05-26 22:04:46 on crossedreality (aim)
(22:04:46) Kelley Sosebee: so i guess i’ll be in California when your friend creepy kenny comes to town.
(22:08:43) Kelley Sosebee: i’ll miss out on all the fun
(22:15:56) Crossed Reality: No, because he’ll still be here when you get back
(22:15:57) Crossed Reality: Bwahahha
(22:16:04) Crossed Reality: Nice try, though
(22:16:10) Kelley Sosebee: lol
(22:16:56) Kelley Sosebee: when’s he arriving?
(22:17:47) Crossed Reality: Right after you leave
(22:17:53) Crossed Reality: June 19-20th or so

Times, they did a’change.

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