Travis, Kenny and I played 27 or so holes (probably closer to 23, we skipped part of an 18 hole course) of disc golf, starting in the weirdly named Oregon Park early in the afternoon, then grabbing some new discs and some drinks and heading up to Sequoyah Park for several more, where we got shown up by an awesome guy who claimed to play every day. I actually own a disc now though, a Goblin.

After that it was the Ultimate Fighter 5 finale, where BJ Penn played cat and mouse with Jens Pulver, getting him ready to tap in two submission holds in the first round and then letting him go so he could beat him up some more. Pulver even admitted it in his post-fight interview. In the image below you can see him going for the tap just before BJ lets it go. After this he tossed him in a triangle as well.

BJ plays cat and mouse

BJ Penn is fucking awesome.

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