Update to the below:

The Discraft disc is actually an XS Elite Z. So, yay? It’s pretty well “worn in.”

Funnily enough Kenny and I were driving back to the park today and he referred to Innova discs as “first party.” We both commented on how weird it was that we felt that way, but it seems to be pretty much true.

I just did the math, and Kenny and I played 58 holes of golf this weekend. Peter played 9 of those with us, as did Vivian, and Travis and Sarah turned in 9 holes of their own separately. It spreads!

I hate people who post crap like what I did below. Long story short: I’m going through my first depressive episode since the tail end of 2002 right now. I thought I had these licked, and I still think I pretty much do, but hey, shit happens. I don’t want to bother Vivian with it because of all the anxiety issues she’s been having lately that are just now starting to get sorted out, so I’m pretty much waiting for Samantha to get back from her trip. Not that I can’t talk to Travis and Kenny about things, but this just isn’t one.

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