Divine carp!

I played 18 holes at East Roswell after work tonight with Kenny, and I lost 76 to 72, and I don’t even care, because I made the most awesome shot ever.

After my second shot had gone awry on a tree on hole #7 and landed me down the hill behind the trees and essentially one stroke behind, I had a very long putt to make it in in 4 and keep the game’s score tied [at that point].

So I boast something with false bravado and go for a safe approach shot, not wanting to go for the long putt and go over into the woods on the other side. I toss my Goblin and it lands about six feet from the hole and starts to roll a bit, just like it always does, when suddenly it hits a root, bounces up in the air, into the chains, and into the basket.

It was the most amazing, stupefying putt of all time. High fives were exchanged.

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