More disc golf.

(4:48:38 PM) Graeme Hefner: The rain, she does pour
(4:48:50 PM) Kenny Knapke: nusted
(4:48:58 PM) Kenny Knapke: hopefully it stops before frispee time
(4:49:02 PM) Graeme Hefner: It will
(4:49:08 PM) Graeme Hefner: If not…meh, I’ll play in the rain 😉
(4:49:32 PM) Graeme Hefner: [It’s not ‘life endangerment’ storming anymore, just pouring]
(4:49:39 PM) Graeme Hefner: It’ll be like dodgeball
(4:49:55 PM) Graeme Hefner: If you can throw a disc in a monsoon, you can throw it when it’s dry!
(4:50:42 PM) Kenny Knapke: yeah but the humidity probably modify’s the air density and will disrupt the flightpathes
(4:50:55 PM) Kenny Knapke: it could be interesting
(4:51:02 PM) Kenny Knapke: loop-de-loop throws and such
(4:51:35 PM) Graeme Hefner: “Do a barrel roll!”
(4:52:11 PM) Kenny Knapke: its really more of a corkscrew
(4:52:35 PM) Graeme Hefner: Yeah
(4:53:57 PM) Graeme Hefner: With my luck from Oregon park my Cheetah will start rolling, bounce over all the embankments, keep rolling, make it across traffic, stop at kroger, grab some milk and some oreos, get to the cash register, not stop for the line, throw some change at the cashier, be short by $.05, roll into the parking lot, get arrested for shoplifting, and then I’ll have to play from the drop at the police station.

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