This is actually a serious poll.

Forum post.

This is actually a serious question. I’m not at all concerned with what I appear to be, because much of what I say, and particularly how I say it, is crafted with the desire to project a certain image. This is especially true of this website. I know the demeanor I give off, and it’s intentional, for the most part.

The point of this poll was/is to find out what people think I would really be like when the chips are down. It’s presented tongue-in-cheek because that’s what I do, but it’s still a real question. I left ‘villain’ out because I assume that anyone who regularly reads this would not think of me as such, but it’s certainly plausible, and if so, feel free to voice your opinion in the thread. I’m listening.

Perhaps I shouldn’t be, but I can’t help but be curious if people think I’m basically self interested with a streak of goodness (anti-hero), basically good with a streak of self-interest (hero), or just self-interested (villain). Introspective lately, I guess. So far everyone’s voted anti-hero.

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