Over Georgia

So yesterday, in what was apparently the hottest day ever, I wandered around Six Flags all day with Samantha and my mother. There was no one there. Nothing other than Thunder River had a line. The line for Batman the ride had empty turnstiles when we got there.

After that, Kenny and I ran SM in WoW with me using my main Zhakrin for the first time since 2005. Several times I aggro’d a whole room, sometimes two, just to speed things up. Kenny eventually got his Illusionary Rod for Kaith, so it was all good. The experience has made me reevaluate waiting for Nokitt to get to 58 or so before playing Zhakrin again. It might be time to level him up finally. It was fun shifting through forms at random, and I’m sick of not having a “level MAXXXXX” character. I miss 60 being the top.

I also spend a long time talking to Ryann on IM for the first time since god knows when. Probably some time pre-Jux. That was almost surreal. I can no longer say I really “know” her, there’s just too much temporal distance there, so at times it felt like talking to someone I’d just met but somehow knew a lot about. It was a pleasant conversation, though. While I was AFK in WoW Kenny told Travis I was talking to her, and his only response was “Weird. Huh.”

I feel like writing a feature or two. I’m sure everyone else has things to do on a Friday, so maybe I’ll whip something up later. It was good doing the rating thing recently. I know a certain someone who has been in hibernation for nearly as long as my WoW characters. Maybe he needs a wakeup call.

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