So it's come to this.

Online dating doesn’t really freak me out. I guess because the internet has been there most of my mature life, and because I’ve developed my own online community, the prospect of online dating doesn’t really freak me out. It’s just another avenue towards meeting people. It’s not like I’ve not both talked to and met people I know only online before, especially people from Ars.

I made the profiles about a month ago, but I’ve mostly just left them there. I’ve decided to get a bit more serious about it though. I think I’m going to message one person a day from now on. Now, this doesn’t have to be a new person. But I’m either going to continue messaging someone I’m interested in, assuming they’re messaging me, or message someone new daily. I have a bad habit of falling into ruts when it comes to dating, and I don’t really want to fall in one again.

Scarily enough, the profile there is more complete than my one here now.

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