Grrr Angry Grrr

Copy/pasted from a chat so that I don’t have to repeat myself in my current state:

(9:26:42 PM) Crossed Reality: Oh my freaking lord I haven’t gotten this angry driving home in a long time
(9:27:14 PM) Crossed Reality: Cut off thrice, twice by the same person, nearly merged into by two idiots in SUVs and one double-length FedEx truck…and there was traffic! On a Thursday! At nine o’clock! WHAT THE FUCK
(9:27:27 PM) Crossed Reality: Oh, and I also got Atlanta’d, double-style tonight
(9:27:52 PM) Crossed Reality: I got both the “It’s okay for me to park here and talk to muh bitches so long as my hazards are on” lane blockers and the “Shit f00, I’m just walkin'” suicidal pedestrians

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