What the fuck?

Why do I keep listening to Otherside over and over again?

I’ve not heard from Travis in days. It’s not like him to be this far out of contact. I’ve been taking care of Luna for them since Saturday the 25th, but I don’t think I’ve heard from him at all since Monday. I’m sure everything’s okay, as okay as it can be considering he and Sarah went up there to watch someone die anyway, but it’s still strange. Definitely not normal.

Whenever I run into someone I haven’t talked to in awhile that I used to be friends with they look so much better than I remember them. Whenever I run into someone that I haven’t seen in a while that I never gave a shit about in the first place, their life has either gone to shit or they’ve gotten fat. Or both. Clearly, association with me makes you more attractive over the long run. Women, take note!

Ashleigh’s Notes

Sometimes you find the weirdest stuff in the strangest places. Those have been in my TI-86 for at least 7 years at this point. Looking back, it’s amazing I didn’t bother to correct Ashleigh’s grammar. I guess I have gotten more anal over the years. This also says something about just how often graduate-level history students need to use graphing calculators.

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