Musical Past Blasting

I had the sudden urge to listen to Stone Temple Pilots tonight, and I decided it was time to rectify a situation that had long gone uncorrected.

You see, way back in high school, I borrowed and ripped Scott’s copy of Purple. He had just converted me into realizing that STP didn’t suck. For the remainder of highschool I pretty much wore out Purple, and I had ripped it into a proprietary sucky format that I won’t mention so I can keep my geek card, so that when it came time to move computers back in 2002 the only songs that came with me were the ones I also had in MP3. Namely, Meat Plow and Interstate Love Song.

Over the course of college I picked up many more STP songs individually and several of the albums again, usually following one of the songs getting randomly stuck in my head. Using Purple as an example, going in to tonight I had expanded to also have Silvergun Superman, Big Empty, and Vasoline. But that left the entire rest of the album floating in the nexus of my subconscious. This was a gap so huge in my otherwise complete musical library (remember, I’m the guy who even ripped that Spice Girls single CD and that horrible, horrible demo CD some girl thrust upon me in class in college) that I felt, in between reading Religion and the Decline of Magic, it had to be corrected. And so it was. Very important songs like Still Remains, Lounge Fly, and most notably Unglued have returned to my music collection after a five year absence. Just for kicks I also finally got the STP cover of Dancing Days.

Now, to toss all of this crap in with some select tracks from Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie and waste the hours away…until I get bored and start listening to new stuff again.

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