We are superficial men.

(8:31:30 AM) Zagg|Work: oh, you saw John Doe’s dragoncon thread right?
(8:31:49 AM) CrossedReality: I peeked, didn’t look past the first five posts when it was a baby.
(8:31:55 AM) CrossedReality: Why, something interesting happen?
(8:32:04 AM) Zagg|Work: the one with the dawn twins, does the one on the right look like Jane Doe?
(8:33:06 AM) CrossedReality: No, neither of them look even vaguely like Jane
(8:33:12 AM) Zagg|Work: the face mostly
(8:33:21 AM) CrossedReality: The face is what doesn’t look anything like them
(8:33:25 AM) Zagg|Work: she always had that crooked kinda half smile/red hair
(8:33:27 AM) CrossedReality: The body could maybe be what Jane’s looks like today
(8:33:38 AM) CrossedReality: But…yeah…I think you’ve completely forgotten what Jane Doe looked like
(8:33:42 AM) Zagg|Work: possibly
(8:33:56 AM) CrossedReality: Someone posted an old picture of her recently…let me find it
(8:34:54 AM) CrossedReality: link removed
(8:35:45 AM) CrossedReality: Regardless, now you see how you wrong :p
(8:36:58 AM) CrossedReality: What’s weird is that I know you have a more visual memory than mine
(8:37:16 AM) Zagg|Work: I mean, obviously a 7 year old (guessing) picture is going to look way different
(8:37:17 AM) CrossedReality: And I know I am SHIT for remembering faces and being able to describe them. Police sketch artists would hate me
(8:37:26 AM) CrossedReality: But this happens a lot.
(8:37:30 AM) Zagg|Work: the smile/nose looks similar
(8:37:38 AM) CrossedReality: Travis, unless she got reconstructive surgery, those cannot be the same people.
(8:37:42 AM) Zagg|Work: I see people more by mouth and such features
(8:37:54 AM) Zagg|Work: we always disagree on celebrity lookalikes too
(8:37:55 AM) Zagg|Work: hehe
(8:59:48 AM) Zagg|Work: link removed
(8:59:57 AM) Zagg|Work: much better angle to look not at all like Jane
(9:00:15 AM) CrossedReality: Wow, I thought it was the other one you thought looked like Jane.
(9:00:35 AM) Zagg|Work: no, geeze 😀
(9:00:54 AM) CrossedReality: It looks more like her from that angle to me. Still not much alike, but I can see the confusion. It’s like Jane got beat for a few days with a +6 branch of hotness
(9:01:04 AM) Zagg|Work: lol yeah
(9:02:35 AM) Zagg|Work: link removed that one especially
(9:02:45 AM) Zagg|Work: she had the crooked smile
(9:02:48 AM) CrossedReality: Yep, that one counts
(9:02:52 AM) CrossedReality: If you’d started with that one
(9:02:53 AM) Zagg|Work: but yes, she’d have to be hit with the hot-by-four
(9:02:56 AM) CrossedReality: I wouldn’t have thought you were crazy
(9:03:27 AM) Zagg|Work: I figured you’d assume the one that looked more like Jane was the one I was talking about
(9:03:37 AM) CrossedReality: In the first picture, the other one DID look more like Jane.

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