Vaguely Ad

My sleep schedule remains eternally fucked up, and all my book readin’ is probably what’s causing it. Spending hours each day pouring over historical theory is mentally draining in a way that’s hard to describe. When I’m done with a section I just need to pass out and recharge sometimes. But at least, despite being poor this semester, I have time to read it all. This makes me vaguely glad.

It’s also eating into my WoW time. All my boys are rising in level, and while I’m still ahead due to having a several-year head start on a few of them, that lead is rapidly decreasing. Plus I feel like I’m not longer part of the club. This makes me vaguely sad.

This week I’m going to be going back and forth between the ‘saw and Jasper constantly because my parents are in Germany and my sister is incapable of staying in the house up there alone, apparently, which means I have to take care of the dogs. Originally I was going to bring Sadie down here and she was going to take care of Pugsley up there, but that just made too much damn sense for everyone. This makes me vaguely mad.

I’m just Vaguely Ad.

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