(A Whole Lot) More Old Photos

Welcome back to the year 2000. I said there’d be more.

Set One: February 2000

JR, believing I have just stolen his soul, in February 2000. The camera has the month, but not the date, correct.

The first picture I ever took of Ryann. She’d just met me when JR and I kidnapped her to be our lookout while we stole The Pole. She thinks she’s hiding her face, but if you look in the window…

The Pole
The Pole, resting against the Auditorium, waiting for JR and I to make good its escape.

The Pole
The Pole at home, safely stowed.

Brett and Travis
Brett and Travis. Travis appears to be an extra from Grease.

April Yamarino. I’d known her longer than Ryann, but only just.

Ashleigh Gay. I’m really not getting why everyone looks sad in these pictures. Maybe it was winter talking.

Jamie Geiger.

Raymond Wiley.

Caleb Sims.

Set Two: Field Day, 2000
In the year 2000 Cherokee High School decided to charge students for field day for the first time. In protest, a large group of us ditched that morning and spent the day at my house and around Canton instead of paying the dollar or two to get in. After we knew it would be ending we headed back to school to see the rest of our friends who were not brave enough to flee with the masses, thus resulting in the later pictures in this set. May 19, 2000.

Field Day
The lot of us in my room.

Jessica Lewallen.



Ashleigh again.


For some reason I’ve always really liked this picture of Ashleigh.


Hiding from Scott’s bad jokes or my incessant picture taking? The true answer is lost in time.



Ah, to be young and deliberately getting kicked out of K-Mart again.

Somewhere there’s a copy of this with me and JR on the thing, but it must be in one of my other boxes.

Rebecca. Immediately after taking this I made a comment about her face matching her hat and she became greatly angry with me.

Hello Ry-Ry! Yes, we’re back.

You can still see the anger about the hat comment.

April’s borrowed hat was awesome.

Still not wanting her photo taken.


Well, at least you can see her eyes, finally.

With that much disdain in her eyes you might be shocked to find out that the infamous Mage group was only three weeks away, and that in less than two months we’d be dating. To be fair, I’m sure I earned the disdain. Remember: incessant photo taking.

April is remarkably nonchalant about the fact that the sun has obviously just gone supernova.

Set Three: Random Crap, 2000
These are two photos from late 2000 that were in with these sets.

I’m making fun of JR in some way, as per my usual, and obviously it’s working because he’s laughing.

Graeme and Ryann
This is the only picture I have of Ryann and I together. As far as I know only one other one ever existed, but only Ryann and April had a copy of it, and I doubt it has survived the test of years, leaving this quite possibly the only one.

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