I am Becoming

I forgot to mention this earlier, so now will have to do. Every now and then I realize I am Becoming.

Most of the time I still feel like I’m climbing the grad ladder hand over fist trying to reach the top, but because everyone around me is doing the same thing, I don’t really get the feel of progression. I always feel pretty good with my writing skills, but in pure knowledge I sometimes feel stumped. Now historians will be the first to tell you that being able to pull random facts out of your head is more parlor trick than the sign of a good historian. However, all real historians seem to be able to give impromptu lectures in detail just for the hell of it on random topics, and it was something that until recently I didn’t feel comfortable doing. Sure, I could do it, but I was always too aware of how much I was leaving out, of all the specifics I didn’t know. This week alone however I’ve had to give random rundowns on:

  1. The origins of the Wars of the Roses and the English Civil War to Laura.
  2. Early European Capitalism to Dr. Reynolds.
  3. The percentage of elites in England and broader Europe in the 1500s, and whether or not the landed gentry are all that should be counted or if the clergy should also be included (I vote the latter), also to Dr. Reynolds.
  4. Lots of other random European stuff, also to Dr. Reynolds. Before you think he’s an idiot or something, he’s my Modern Asia professor who has published books in Chinese; I think expecting him to know Early Modern Europe is pushing it a bit.

Speaking of Laura, whose name just got typed out for the first time ever on Jux up there, although she’s been mentioned before, I have my first first date in four years Saturday. I’m not particularly looking forward to stepping off my pedestal, but at least Fergie will sing to me about it. Here’s to hoping I don’t pull off my third consecutive playground injury!

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