UFC 76

Since I had much, much, much better things to do yesterday I caught UFC 76 through perfectly legal methods a day late today. That was the hardest core night of fights I’ve ever seen. I was alone in my apartment screaming at my TV…and it was always good. Tyson Griffin started off with a good fight, fight of the night on many other cards, but by the end of this one it was entirely forgotten.

Jon Fitch kicked Diego “19 and 2” Sanchez’s ass! I’ve been rockin’ Jon Fitch since he was stuck back in Fight Nights; this kid is going to go far. This was expected, but still awesome to watch.

Then Forrest Griffin came out to fight a man many, including me, thought he had no chance against: Shogun Rua. And he beat his ass, convincingly, for three rounds. With just seconds left on the clock he showed true badassery and choked Shogun out, finishing him for the first time.

Can’t top that, right? Well…Keith “Can” Jardine proceeded to kick Chuck Liddell’s ass. Again, who expected that? And again, it wasn’t a fluke, it was a beat down. Even Randy Couture, who called the Forrest Griffin fight, was stunned. It was astounding.

In other news, I can’t get a good picture of it, but the center of my couch is now a foot lower than the right or left sides. It’s time for a replacement I imagine. The entire time I was watching the fighting I kept drifting towards The Pit.

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