Book Casing and Nerd Bashing

The true story of nothing at all important.

I dislike the idea of having my books in boxes in the closet. And yet, until tonight a subset of admittedly unimportant books were in fact sitting there in boxes that once housed dozens of reams of paper. The reason for this was a lack of book shelf space on my part. I’ve had an extra book case for about a month, but for some mysterious reason it would topple forward if weight was put up top. Tonight I decided that this just wouldn’t do, and that the situation had to be rectified.

Inspecting the case for the reason it was acting drunk, I discovered it was out of true. At some point the poor thing had become twisted. Likely it was trying to hurl all the books on magic and gay anime porn it had previously held off of itself. With a mighty grunt I yanked and twisted the case, wood popping and nails groaning, until it once again sat straight up in the air. And then I nailed that fucker to the wall, because it the top was .75″ away from flush, and that shit just wasn’t symmetrical with the other bookcases.

After a night of frantic labor I’m left with something of an organized disarray. All of my professors’ offices have books that look like they were just hurled up there at random. Each time I “reorganize” my bookcases they come closer to this state. At this point only my Early Modern England and my Stephen King books are completely in order. The rest are just kinda there, because they look better that way. Oh well. Now for pictures!

I had to prove this book existed in my collection.

Parents and their children.

While I’m on the subject of pictures, as soon as this post hit the airwaves I had people messaging me wondering why the hell I used six-sided dice. It was because they were closer, since the last game we played using dice was Warhammer 40k. But that’s not enough, people kept pulling out their polyhedrals to show me up. Well, fine, you want it, you got it, even though it’s going to lower some people’s respect for me greatly:

Yes, you sons of bitches, I roll twenties.

While I’m at it, why I don’t go harder core than you?

Look at all those tens! Epic success, World of Darkness style! And they haven’t even been rerolled yet!

Now, shoot me the next time I decide to use a gaming metaphor on this site.

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