EPIX Update

Just like I hoped we made a few huge leaps of progress on the details of the EPIX tournament.

First, in case you didn’t know, we’re playing with boy-girl teams and an alternate-play tournament format. The person who tees off alternates each hole, and then the other player plays from where the drive lands, and so forth.

The date to remember is October 13th. The teams and their colors are currently as follows:

Team They Haven’t Told Me Yet

Team Strategic Arrogant Superiority

Team They Haven’t Decided Yet

The trick now is to flip I digital coin to see whether we start in the East theatre (Wills and East Roswell parks) or the West (Sequoyah and Oregon parks). I think doing the /random to decide this will be one of my last acts in World of Warcraft, as my subscription is officially up on the 30th, I haven’t played in weeks, and I’m not renewing.

My strategy for the EPIX is to use my superior cardio to wear down the weaker competition. I hope. Maybe.

My money’s still on Kenny and Kelley.

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