Bad Things

I had a migraine today for the first time in awhile. And, yesterday, while playing at Sequoyah Park with Laura, my rainbow XS Elite-Z disc golf driver disappeared for what is probably the last time. The thing had a habit of getting lost in the woods by becoming invisible…but it disappeared over a field. I’m thinking of ordering a new one in bright blue or reddish pink to match the rest of my discs. With the puppy thing falling through my parents still haven’t gotten me anything for my birthday, so I think I can swing a $13 golf disc out of them at least. Maybe pick up a Wizard putter while I’m at it.

Speaking of other things I can’t do, my grand plan to sit around my apartment, play World of Warcraft, watch Star Trek reruns, and read several thousand pages a week while enjoying being single has failed.

Shucks. I was looking forward to getting Baetina to 70 too.

Finally, thanks to watching Death Proof twice in the same weekend, I now have “Chick Habit” so far stuck in my head that it’s rented an apartment and is throwing wild frat parties. Thanks, Quentin. I needed that.

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