New hotness!

Pictures of new hotness! Well, new hotness in addition to Laura, who I’m still vaguely afraid if I talk about will disappear into a puff of magic smoke. Anyway, disc porn:

The replacement for my old invisible rainbow-dyed XS.

My Goblin isn’t a putter anymore! Let’s hear it for the Wizard!

I’m trying something new with these discs. They weigh 174 and 173 grams, respectively. My Goblin is 150 class, and while I’m happy with it, the 141 weight of the Cheetah is part of the reason I hate the thing, I think. The heavier XS that got lost had a healthy heft to it, so I went with heavier on these discs to see if I really like it better. They do feel nice in hand.

The Wizard would be an unfortunate color for a driver, but since it’s a putter I don’t really care. The Goblin has just been moved to approach shots, although it’s still my favorite disc. I finally have the Driver/Mid/Putter paradigm filled, with extra ‘Fairway Driver’ in the form of my Cheetah…ah, the love/hate relationship with that thing 😉

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