Okay, so I finally got to throw my new plastic yesterday. I love the new XS, even though I tossed it really retarded a few times getting used to it. I blame it being new, the fact I’d never played the course, and that I was practicing backhand again. Despite those problems, just like the old one when I hit it that thing would really fly. Much better for me than the TeeBird, Starfire, Beast or Flick drivers that I’ve used from the collections of others. It even set me up for a three-spot on the longest hole there. This one is also really damn easy to see.

The Wizard is a little more complex. I like the feel of it, and I like the flight path, but it’s going to take awhile to get used to. The holes at the park in Athens were different than the ones at the parks I’m used to, so I ended up using the Goblin more setting up approaches than the Wizard doing tricky putts to get used to it. Most of the times I used the Wizard were, thus, just drop-ins. I might go for some putting practice this week, before the EPIX, to work out that out.

Of course, all of this is just dancing around the fact that I spent the whole day in Athens with Laura. A prestigious occasion, marking the first time I’d ever consented to drive to Athens for anyone, ever. Rather than talk about that in detail, I’ve decided to describe what its like to drive away. The sensation reminds me of nothing so much as the week or so after Christmas. Tons of awesome things have just happened, but now it’s over and there’s nothing you can do to make it come back sooner. At least in this case it’s a week, and not a year.

With that, fish hat!


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