Fall may be greatly delayed here in Georgia, but damnit, I still got myself some fresh Granny Smith apples today.

Today also marked the end of yet another great HVAC saga in my car. After taking a girl on a first date on a hot day with no A/C, driving to Athens and back with no A/C, and other fun things…I got to drive down 140 at rush hour today in blissful coolness.

Then Kenny and I got five holes into East Roswell before he threw his Starfire into the great unknown at Kudzu Corner and we had to go hunting for it. It was getting dark and hope was about to be lost, but right as Kenny jogged back to his car to get a flashlight I started shaking the shit out of all the kudzu-covered trees right at the edge of the embankments and plop, one bright pink Starfire, no longer lost. Thank god. No way in hell was a second disc going missing on my watch in as many weeks, Kenny’s or no. I wasn’t leaving until that thing was found.

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