Good guy with a heart of evil.

How does a previously stereotypical ‘nice guy’ become the heart of evil of the Jux Entente?

By really not giving a damn about people he doesn’t give a damn about. And elaborately constructed manipulative machinations against people he really doesn’t like. Although my patience failed on the last one. And it had to be invented on the spur of the moment. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted anyway.

Without debating which one of us is nicer overall, or more polite, or whatever, when we actually give a damn, I think I’m easily the ‘mean’ one just because of the following:

Travis will go out of his way to not offend people, even people he dislikes. He’ll have a nervous breakdown if a guy he’s firing dislikes him.

Kenny is just non-offensive period.

Everyone else involved in this site in any way has too much actual asshole and/or bitch mixed in to their social DNA to even be in the running.

This post brought to you by an end-of-semester late night and graduate school applications, where everyone else has already gone to bed and Laura is in Illinois.

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