What am I thankful for this goddamn year? Part the First.

I think it’s time to do my quasi-yearly state of the union address.

Rather than just sit here and write a bunch of serious shit before Christmas, I decided to do something very “we want your ad revenue” like and drag this shit out this year! During my traditional post-Christmas serious funk I will present a series of 1-3 features detailing things I’m thankful for. I will then send these revelations to the far corners of the internet. This was such a fucked up year, believe me, this should be interesting. Here are the things I’m planning on honoring so far:

  • Travis Rosenbaum
  • Kenny Knapke
  • Samantha Boylan
  • Hannah Bobo
  • My mentor and my adviser.
  • Laura Doll
  • Myself. In a non-arrogant way.

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