A conversation Kenny and I just had that slightly changes the article below.

(4:06:30 PM) Kenny Knapke: im not sure i’d agree on the ps2 ~= GC
(4:06:56 PM) Graeme Hefner: Don’t make me choose! 😦
(4:07:07 PM) Kenny Knapke: you know what you’d pick
(4:07:15 PM) Graeme Hefner: It really is hard.
(4:07:24 PM) Graeme Hefner: All multiplatform games I played on the GCN
(4:07:32 PM) Graeme Hefner: The problem is that the GameCube’s life was really front loaded.
(4:07:44 PM) Graeme Hefner: Melee, Eternal Darkness, REmake, etc.
(4:07:53 PM) Graeme Hefner: RE4 and Path of Radiance and such game out later.
(4:08:06 PM) Graeme Hefner: But PS2 had stuff like FF12 and Shadow of the Colossus throughout.
(4:08:10 PM) Kenny Knapke: and
(4:08:11 PM) Kenny Knapke: SH3
(4:08:15 PM) Graeme Hefner: Yes.
(4:08:32 PM) Kenny Knapke: Katamari
(4:08:43 PM) Kenny Knapke: GH
(4:08:51 PM) Kenny Knapke: DDR
(4:08:52 PM) Graeme Hefner: Katamari was a really $20 game for me.
(4:09:05 PM) Graeme Hefner: I might get the 360 version, but I’ve not yet felt ZOMG I NEED MORE ROLLING yet 😉
(4:09:13 PM) Kenny Knapke: its more of the same really
(4:09:15 PM) Graeme Hefner: Yes, fine, PS2 > GCN.
(4:09:18 PM) Kenny Knapke: not worth it i’d say
(4:09:42 PM) Kenny Knapke: i think so to
(4:10:04 PM) Kenny Knapke: i’d say the only great thing about GC was the first party games
(4:10:13 PM) Graeme Hefner: Can we at least say it was a much, much closer thing than N64 < PSX?
(4:10:19 PM) Kenny Knapke: yeah
(4:10:30 PM) Graeme Hefner: Nah, first party and Capcom games 😀
(4:10:41 PM) Kenny Knapke: PSX… gaming for people who lost their third arm!
(4:11:06 PM) Graeme Hefner: Plus it was a great place to get the best version of the multiplatform titles? Beyond Good and Evil, Prince of Persia, etc.
(4:11:17 PM) Graeme Hefner: Much prettier, better controller.
(4:11:39 PM) Kenny Knapke: perhaps
(4:12:26 PM) Graeme Hefner: Sony had me at “Hello, meet Squaresoft’s Silver Age” back in 1997 though.
(4:12:50 PM) Kenny Knapke: its your fault i got a psx
(4:12:56 PM) Kenny Knapke: and thus a ps2
(4:13:01 PM) Graeme Hefner: Then the survival horror genre exploded.
(4:13:07 PM) Graeme Hefner: My fault? Really?
(4:13:09 PM) Kenny Knapke: yeah
(4:13:12 PM) Kenny Knapke: you showed me FF7
(4:13:14 PM) Kenny Knapke: recall?
(4:13:17 PM) Graeme Hefner: Ah, yes.
(4:13:30 PM) Graeme Hefner: I should have showed you FF6…damn me
(4:13:30 PM) Graeme Hefner: heh
(4:13:46 PM) Kenny Knapke: well i downloaded that after seeing FF7 and before that christmas
(4:14:11 PM) Graeme Hefner: Did you ever beat it?
(4:14:13 PM) Kenny Knapke: you triggerd the JRPG rush in me
(4:14:14 PM) Kenny Knapke: yeah

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