Back Back Back in Time

I’m back to working on school work (my orals reading and German for Reading) and it’s a great feeling. Also hacking my way through the new Fire Emblem and still playing Forza 2. I’ve beaten Mass Effect twice since Christmas, and I can honestly say it’s one of the best games I’ve played in a long time. My studies commence.

Random factoid of this journal post: Someone on Ars posted a thread about installing all of their PC games at the same time, all the way back to early DOS text-only adventures that originally came on 5.25″ floppies. This inspired me to do something similar, and count up just how many games I could play right now on my consoles without hooking up anything to the TV that is not already attached. I excluded my PC games because I hardly ever keep any installed, so they would only add three or four to this number. I also excluded my GameBoy or GameBoy Advance since, although I wouldn’t have to attach anything to the TV, they are obviously put away and not ‘in use’ regularly, leaving my DS as the only handheld represented. It’s possible that these numbers might be off by one or so, but I think they’re entirely accurate.

Microsoft Xbox 360: 71
Nintendo DS: 12
Nintendo GameBoy Advance:2 16
Nintendo GameCube:3 254
Nintendo Wii: 65
Sony PlayStation:6 22
Sony PlayStation 2: 27
Total: 115

So there you go.

1 This number does not include any Xbox Live Arcade titles.
2 Through Nintendo DS backward compatibility.
3 Through Nintendo Wii backward compatibility.
4 This number counts game collections as one title, otherwise this would rise to 35.
5 This number does not include any Virtual Console titles.
6 Through Sony PlayStation backward compatibility.

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