On Movies

Sweeney Todd is the first movie I’ve seen twice in theatres since Snakes on a Plane. Laura and I saw it last night (although two days ago by this time stamp) in Athens. It’s really that good. In fact, I think it’s Tim Burton’s best movie.

It was weird though, since none of my Y-chromosome deficient female family members enjoyed it, and even when going to see it the first time I was completely dubious. For one, I despise musicals. Hate them. Most of them are just garbage. And then there’s the fact that while half of Tim Burton’s movies are brilliant, half of them are just really well designed garbage. It’s impossible to know which one you’re about to get. Add in the depressingly bad version Kennesaw put on a few years back when I was still there (granted: I only caught bits of rehearsals) and I was completely unsure as to which way the movie would go.

But it’s bloody brilliant. It’s been out for weeks now. Go see it if you haven’t.

This post brought to you by the fact that I’m so pathetic I actually have the soundtrack now.

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