An Excellent Day So Far

Other than waking up with tweaked shoulders, today has been an awesome day. I went up to Nelson, met some nice pollworkers who said I looked 16, and voted yes to Obama and no to SPLOST extensions.

After stopping by home I drove down to Canton where I finally stopped by the library like I’ve been promising. It was great to see everyone again. I got hugged by Rhonda and Lowana twice, and caught up with everyone. They miss me there, and I miss them. It was an awesome job. Too bad I really can’t go back, financially. And so many people are gone. At least eight people did double takes when they saw me and figured out who I was. They all said I looked “bigger” than they remembered. Combined with the pollworkers, I can only assume that I age when I enter Canton and get younger when I leave it. The only person who recognized me immediately all day was someone I worked with about twice. I even saw a goodly selection of patrons that I used to see daily and none of them looked twice. What can I say?

I was there for over an hour, chatting with old friends. I’ll have to stop by again soon.

Now, to fix dinner and read for the rest of the night.

On a sadder note, RIP Napoleon the Chihuahua. I liked you. You liked having your belly rubbed. I stopped by Jasper to rub Sadie’s belly in your memory.

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