Civilization 4 (Civilization IV) XML parser errors and/or exception fix

The above is a deliberate attempt to guide wayward souls here.

Just cannot fix that XML parser exception? Know that Civilization 4 should work but isn’t? Perhaps it’s even worked before? If you’ve tried reinstalling the game and the parser already, proceed below:

(11:51:26 AM) Crossed Reality: I FIXED IT
(11:51:30 AM) Crossed Reality: SWEET JESUS I FIXED IT
(11:51:41 AM) Crossed Reality: Nothing like fresh brain in the morning. Solves everything.
(11:52:03 AM) Crossed Reality: regsvr %windir%system32msxml3.dll
(11:52:03 AM) Travis Rosenbaum: lol
(11:52:09 AM) Travis Rosenbaum: Ahh yes
(11:52:16 AM) Travis Rosenbaum: Regsvr
(11:52:22 AM) Crossed Reality: Now, why the hell the DLL was unregistered after being reinstalled? Thrice?
(11:52:23 AM) Travis Rosenbaum: 32
(11:52:24 AM) Crossed Reality: God knows.
(11:52:40 AM) Travis Rosenbaum: Could’ve been faulty registered in registry
(11:53:28 AM) Crossed Reality: I hate it when you get to the hail mary plays in Windows.

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