Got a few updates coming, I just haven’t felt like sitting down at my laptop. Luckily my parts will arrive tonight and my dark work can begin. In brief:

Laura’s farewell dinner was very nice, and I got to meet her best friend Danielle finally. Who was also very nice.

Kenny, Travis and I fulfilled our life’s ambition to wait in line at Wal-Mart to get Super Smash Brothers Brawl at midnight launch. I remembered to get a (shitty) picture of the line and a (good) picture of us holding our copies, which I will post in a media update to follow new PC construction. What I forgot to get was a picture of the three of us playing Connect 4 in the Subway within Wal-Mart. Strangely, we didn’t get that many weird looks. The guy who closed up the Subway even said he didn’t mind us staying so long as we didn’t steal anything. Travis and I also discovered another of Kenny’s arcane talents: he kicks ass at connect 4.

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