This is pretty much going to be a feature length news post.

So we’ve had Super Smash Brothers Brawl for a week now, and yet, I still spent so much time playing online with Travis and Kenny tonight (once I finished working on my prospectus) that I nearly didn’t have time to write this post. So let’s go over the basics.

Last Saturday night Kenny and I convened with Travis at Buffalo Wild Wings in Kennesaw after we spent the day playing disc golf at Sequoyah park, where I threw a disc so hard on hole 10 it embedded itself into the ground on the other side of the gigantic valley. It was awesome, and I’ll probably never do it again. I’ll leave all the names out of these shots, but everyone knows who’s who.

Disc in hill

Following that we went to Wal-Mart where we hung around waiting for a line to form. Eventually we purchased Connect 4 from the toy department and proceeded to play it in the closed Wal-Mart Subway. The guy who worked there came out to put up the gates and saw us and looked confused. He stopped what he was doing, and we asked him if we needed to leave. He said ‘no, just don’t steal anything or nothing.’ With the trusting employee’s approval we continued Connect 4’ing for many a minute, with Kenny proving that he is beyond awesome at that game somehow.

Finally a line formed. We were in it. The lady looked so pleased to be working on yet another nerd night.

Store Clerk

Then we went back to my apartment, posed like nerds, and played for hours.


There’s not much to say beyond that. This is one of the best games ever, and worth every penny you might spend on it even if it means killing a man to get a Wii. Rather than blather on about it and how awesome Jiggly Puff still is, I’ll leave you with a selection of screenshots. It’s too bad no utility will probably ever appear to render replays, because then I’d have some real good shit to show you.

Sudden Death
Squirtle learns the downside of sudden death. Dying.

The Force
Use the force!

Pikachu and Torchic fuck Diddy up real damn good.

Little Mac
Ever the hero, Samus can’t stand to let Little Mac die, even though he’d been punching her in the face moments before.

Jiggly in the Sky.

Pikachu disrespects you from behind.

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