Atlanta is broken.

As you probably know, I ‘work’ and go to school in the middle of downtown Atlanta, a block from the capital.

As you also probably know, this Friday downtown Atlanta was hit by a tornado. Lots of damage.

What I saw today wasn’t that bad. If you were from out of town you might just assume Atlanta is a filthy, run-down place. There were construction cranes everywhere. Broken glass on the sidewalks. All of the traffic lights had fallen down but were already back up or replaced; they were also the source of a lot of the broken glass. Street signs were missing or just messed up in general. Campus itself looked good, but a lot of our banners were ripped up. Everything that could be fixed quickly, such as broken windows or minor things, had already been fixed. The stuff that couldn’t was pretty obvious. There was a good bit of rubble by the Art building that was the remains of one of the GSU logo/name placards that had formerly occupied that side of the building.

Overall, Atlanta just seemed ‘off’ and traffic was horrible. But it definitely wasn’t destroyed.

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