They made me a developer?

LINQ to SQL is awesome.

Speaking of development, I really want to finish the PHPBB 3.0 crossposting WordPress plugin that Travis and I wrote. It’s been working on this site bug-free for months. Realistically we need to add a few features before it can be released, though. We’ve already got one person out there in the wilds using it other than us, so if anyone else needs it immediately just drop us a line. Currently no one else has even done it, so we should get it out there before someone beats us to the punch. Maybe during next week’s R&D time at work.

My digital camera has been breaking and unbreaking itself over the past few days. I thought it had healed, but then it stopped working again this morning after allowing me to take several good pictures over the past few days. I’m not sure what’s going on with it, but it sucks not having it alive and dependable. In a few months I’ll be able to replace it at least. That’s what I’m working for, after all…the ability to replace things when they break.

I had an awesome idea for a Picasso comic this morning, which I will make as soon as I get some downtime.

Further stuff: I was really missing Laura yesterday, and it continued on into today. While waiting for Travis to get ready this morning I drew this on a post-it and sent it to her phone using mine (thus the terrible quality):

Love Lizards

❤ Laura

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