Thank you, Blizzard!

I’ll get back to the Key West stuff in a bit. For now, let me tell you about something awesome my favorite PC gaming company has done for me today.

So today in the midst of all of the Diablo III madness I discovered that something called the “Blizzard Account” now exists. The concept behind this is awesome, and something that a few places have done before but not to this scale of sexitude. You enter your CD key from your retail Blizzard games and from that point on you can download them in fully-patched modern Windows and Mac forms. Forever. How hot is that?

So I went about adding my CD keys for all of my games when I realize two sad things. First, Diablo doesn’t have a CD key, so it’s not part of the service without the BattleChest. Fine, that makes sense. Second, though…Brood War doesn’t have a CD key either! I resigned myself to my fate. Should I ever use this service because I’m stuck in Jasper or somewhere and just need a game to play, it would be original StarCraft only. I dusted off my version 1.0 launch CD and typed in the numeric-only code.

But wait, what’s this?

Why does it say this product is…could it be?

StarCraft Anthology?!?

Yes, that’s right boys and girls. Blizzard is so awesome that if you register your ancient-as-the-dust-of-the-earth StarCraft-only CD for their service, they’ll spot you Brood War. Just because.

My hat goes off to you, Blizzard. Kudos.

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