Poplar Place owes me a new mattress

Today around 6:00 I noticed water leaking from my ceiling in the bathroom in large quantities. I called maintenance. They told me they had done some plumbing work on the tub upstairs in 816 and some water must have leaked down. Fine, I made a note to call the office in the morning so that they could note that I wasn’t going to pay a damn cent because of this water damage.

Then, around 9:00, I went into my bedroom and flicked on the light. The ceiling fan kicked into life. Drops of water splashed my face. Water had poured down from the ceiling fan, through the ceiling fan, down the ceiling fan. All over my bed.

My bed. My $800, less-than-two-years-old bed. It was a graduation present. It was, is, the only thing in this apartment I can’t afford to replace immediately. The bottom half of it was now completely soaked with light brown, fetid, ceiling water. It is completely ruined. You cannot remove that much water from a feather topper.

I’ve called the 24 hour courtesy line. No one has answered yet, and it’s been an hour. First thing in the morning, these bastards are going to find out they’re buying me a new mattress. And they sure as hell are. It is in no way my responsibility that they are so incompetent that they dumped water all over my apartment doing basic plumbing and destroyed something that I quite enjoy. They will replace the mattress, and if they complain I will call every lawyer my family knows and take them to every court I can think of. My lease is up at the end of July and I was previously intending to renew, but fuck this. This is part of a pattern of disrespect.

I will be getting an exact duplicate of my mattress from Garrison’s in Canton on their dime, or there will be hell to pay. If I were an asshole I’d go stay at a hotel tonight and make them pay for that, too. I can’t believe I have to sleep on my damn couch because of these idiots.

I’m kind of angry.

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