This Weekend

Quite a few interesting things have happened this weekend. I figured the best way to go over them would be with some pictures and some text. Especially since I’m still enjoying my new camera.

First, Laura visited on Friday. It was awesome seeing her again, even if she decided to strangle my cat. Amazingly she also managed to discover the only completely palatable, no-compromise alcoholic beverage I have ever had. I say it’s amazing because I’ve even had hard cider before at greater and lesser levels of alcohol and they all tasted like shit.

This stuff is just awesome, though. It’ll go with Blue Moon in the ‘Why is this stuff exempt?’ category.

On Saturday I had a birthday party. Kenny wraps presents in awesome and amazing ways. Travis, Kenny and I went down to Six Flags where we rode every roller coaster in the park. A few we rode twice. After riding in the front seat Goliath is now my favorite roller coaster ever. Seriously awesome. And, since I have free tickets left, we can go back again in a few weeks! If anyone else wants to go, now would be a good time to let me know.

The only scary thing that happened was that guy who insisted on telling us he was from Alabama and he had no problems with black people…he thought ever white person should own one. Astoundingly he told me this while I was wearing my “Georgia for Obama” shirt. I decided it wasn’t surprising that anyone that stupid was also illiterate. Good job, racist fucker, on being the only low point of an otherwise awesome trip. It’s too bad you didn’t fall out of Superman: Ultimate Flight mid-ride or something.

Finally there’s the new dog. The UPS guy who delivers in Jasper was well aware of my family’s dog preferences and happened to have a daughter that had to get rid of a one-year old full-blooded and papered pug because his single-mother daughter just couldn’t handle both anymore. So, the UPS man dropped off a new dog in Jasper for free. Right now we’re calling him Buddy.

We have too many pugs.

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