Good game, Procter and Gamble!

So about a week ago I wrote a post about how my beloved modified mini maglite had been felled by way of battery failure. On a lark, I wrote Procter & Gamble, the makers of Duracell batteries, noting that because it wasn’t a defect in the manufacturing of the maglite itself, I could not use its lifetime warranty to replace it. Then I asked if they could do anything about it, since it was their coppertop wonder that slew my storied torch.

They did, in fact, do something about it.

That’s roughly the MSRP of one new (non-LED) mini maglite, from a seemingly faceless major corporation, in just over a week. Twelve dollars may not seem like much, but that’s customer service right there, and honestly more than I ever expected to get out of them. So, thank you, Procter & Gamble, for being a good company and standing by your products. So many companies these days don’t.

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