Into Darkness I Now Go (Surgery)

In less than twelve hours I’m having surgery on both of my eyes. If everything goes well my recurrent corneal erosion will be fixed and I won’t have to wear contacts/glasses for at least the next twenty years or so. I’m not really nervous about the procedure going wrong at all; however, I am nervous about the prospect of surgery in general. I hardly ever even get sick, and now I’m going to be bandaged up and left to lay around for the first time ever. It’s a strange sensation. There won’t even be anyone around to play nursemaid, alas.

More seriously, it’ll just be good to have this behind me. Travis and I are finally working on something exciting at work again, and this time it’s something that I think is widely desirable. It might be our first step to having something we can sell. This is what I always wanted to do as a software shop anyway, and if it can help out my company, more the better.

The election seems to be going the sane way. I can’t believe how close it still is, given everything that’s going on. I might do another full political post sometime in the future. I get the feeling people around me are pretty sick of how jubilated (by horror) I’ve been for the last week. WaMu going under is just amazing though. What if tomorrow is Black Friday 2: We Told You That Time Flowed Like A River You Damn Idiots.

And now, perhaps the most important thing not related to me going under the (laser) knife tomorrow: Silent Hill 5. Or, as it is now known, Silent Hill: Homecoming. It comes out on the 30th. It is preordered. Although it took many years to come to this conclusion, despite how much I like the series, I now consider Silent Hill 3 my favorite game of the entire previous generation. It occupies a slot in my brain like Final Fantasy VI and Chrono Trigger; I’ve played it tons of times, I’ve memorized the soundtrack, I will not accept that it does any wrong. Doubly amazing is how rare a game like that is nowadays. Anyway, it seems hard to believe, but it’s been four years since the last Silent Hill game came out. Hell, it might be that long since I last played one through; it might only be two, though. If work hadn’t been exploding around us this week I would have spent my time playing through all the older games in the series in preparation. I hope it’s as good as its pedigree, and I hope I recover fast enough to be able to sanely play it at launch without feeling like there’s sand covering my corneas.

I’m off for now, interwebs. I’ll see you in a few days I hope. Don’t forget about me, your most favorite son.

If you want to talk to me, call. I’d appreciate it.

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