In The Mail

I just sent this:

Mr. Biden,

Before the debate tonight I knew you as a solid senator, but no real ‘pros’ or ‘cons’ against you. I had little idea as to whether or not I supported you as one of the very few “good ones” or not. When Barack Obama, one of only two political candidates I ever donated money to, selected you to be his vice presidential candidate I thought it was a safe choice but more or less a neutral one.

After watching you tonight my opinion of you has changed entirely, and for the better. You answered questions factually, you answered them directly, and more importantly you actually care about your positions. At no point did I get the feeling you were talking down or sideways, even on those issues I disagree with you about.

I’ll keep this short since I know this will likely never get past your aides anyway, but I wanted to let you know that before tonight I was firmly and proudly voting for Barack Obama in November. Now I’m going to be proud that your name is also on that ticket. Seeing how well you handled yourself tonight, combined with what I knew as flat facts about your record, has convinced me that you are a person I want in the White House.

Thank you.

Graeme K. Hefner

Also, I can now use a computer for more than ten minutes at a time! I’m up to about two hours today, with eye strain rest. My eyes are getting better! I may be able to leave my apartment this weekend! Sadly, I can’t declare this my true return to the internet yet. Stay tuned for that.

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