Resistance: Fall of Man

Let’s chat, you and I. It’s been too long.

I’m still not sure what, if anything, I want to write about the ending of the Hefner family. I also still haven’t written about being behind a guy at the Target pharmacy who was asking the cute little pharmacist named Ha whether or not they had Enzyte.

Yes, seriously.

Today, let’s talk about Lost Odyssey instead. It’s actually a really good game. The problem is that it doesn’t start out strongly at all. For much of the first two discs you’re playing a good, but generic, JRPG. And to be fair I’m not sure if it ever really rises above that. It might merely become a “very good”, but not excellent, game. Disc 3 and Disc 4, however, are awesome in their own rights. If we treat them as acts in the story, as the game itself does, this one is very back-loaded. The story itself is more or less generic, but in a good way. The characters are what really sell it, particularly Kaim (through the Thousand Years of Dreams) and Seth (through actual characterization in the game).

It’s definitely Final Fantasy in all but name, though. On Disc 4, at the end, riding around doing every sidequest I could find…it was like finding an old friend. She’s not as deep as you thought she was a few years ago, but she’s way hotter, and you can still have a lot of fun together. Plus, it has New Game+. I will love any game with that option.

I forced myself to stop doing side quests and just beat it in the end. I fully intend to go back to it later. Why did I accelerate my enjoyment? Because after 7 days of talking about it non-stop, my resistance failed me. I am a fallen man:

Downloading Fallout 3

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