Fick you, XM. Fick you to heck.

This is just more hate piled on top of my post from last night, which was made in haste and perhaps not up to my usual standards.

Last night leaving a friend’s house I was greeted with screeching terror from my radio dial. Puzzled, I checked to see if I had somehow shoved a cat where my car stereo normally goes. Sadly, it was nothing so pleasant.

The Sirius XM changeover had happened at midnight, it seems. Drunk on their own near insolvency the idiots had decided to merge the worst parts of both together. The entirety of XM’s rock “block” was erased instantly with the Clear Channel sameness of Sirius programming.

They drug Fred out behind the DC headquarters, raped him, shot him in the face, and then left him on the street for as an example to anyone else who dared to have an original idea. They built a shack around the decaying body and called it “1st Wave.”

Ethel and Lucy were drowned like unwanted kittens in a burlap sack. What emerged from that river of hatred were shuffling Stepford zombie versions of what had gone in. Lucy’s new name was Lithium, and Ethel inexplicably tattooed “Alt Nation” on her forehead.

Squizz, one of the most personality-filled stations on XM? Octane. Fucking Octane.

I’m going to give it a month or so to see if the programming ‘merges’ at all, but at the moment, I’m perilously close to canceling already.

Has anyone else been bitten by this?

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