This year, I’m already feeling the spirit.

As you all well know, Christmas is my favorite time of year. Yet in 2006 and 2007 the feeling came later than it ever had…it didn’t feel like Christmas to me until the day was right up on me. Completely different than in my life previous. Sure, there were a lot of (valid) reasons for it, but it still bothered me.

This year though, the spirit has arrived already. Shit, my list isn’t even done, but I’ve already purchased a few gifts and I’m looking at cards.

Two Three things.

First, I went to church this morning for the first time in over six years. I plan on writing a full article on my thoughts on Christianity and why it’s still “special” to me as an agnostic, if not necessarily in a good way.

Second, I’ve been meaning to write about Fallout 3 for weeks. Instead of writing about it, though, I’ve been playing it. So it goes.

Third, if you search for “Christmas” on Jux you’ll find a very depressing post from October of 2007. I still feel that way, only now you have to replace “1 week” with “never again.”

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